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Foto van: Mensen in Tonga, Tonga

Boys in a street in Neiafu | Mensen in Tonga | TongaTongan men dressed up in the traditional Tongan dress | Mensen in Tonga | TongaGirls on the boat from Nuku'alofa to 'Eua island | Mensen in Tonga | TongaGirl with flower and mobile phone posing for the camera on Tongatapu | Mensen in Tonga | TongaBoy on the island of Ofu | Mensen in Tonga | TongaOnly one girl dressed with the formal Tongan dress in the streets of Nuku'alofa | Mensen in Tonga | TongaSisters posing for the picture on a beach in Vava'u | Mensen in Tonga | TongaShowing off her colourful nails | Mensen in Tonga | TongaGirl dressed up for a dancing festivity on Vava'u island | Mensen in Tonga | TongaGrandfather showing his granddaughter in 'Utulei on Vava'u | Mensen in Tonga | TongaFriendly host on the island of Ofu | Mensen in Tonga | TongaThe self-declared next messiah showing his power | Mensen in Tonga | TongaKids in school on Ofu island | Mensen in Tonga | TongaThe woman who danced for me on the boat between Neiafu and Nuku'alofa | Mensen in Tonga | TongaMarket woman in Neiafu | Mensen in Tonga | Tonga

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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