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Foto van: gezicht (1290)

Toon 1 - 40 van 1290
Foto van Mural with famous persons in Concepción de AtacoConcepción de Ataco - El Salvador Foto van Painting of Oscar Romero, the Archbishop slain in 1980San Salvador - El Salvador Foto van Indian lady in front of the memorial of Mahatma GandhiDelhi - India Foto van Rich variety of dolls for saleGuayaquil - Ecuador Foto van Colourfully dressed Indians resting near the tombMumbai - India Foto van Side view of the three-faced bust of Mahesh Murti: the faces representing creation and preservationElephanta - India Foto van Totally wet tarsier in a treeCorella - Filippijnen Foto van Close-up of painting in a hall adjacent to the Takht-e MarmarTeheran - Iran Foto van Close-up of the Marble ThroneTeheran - Iran Foto van The staircase of the former embassy is now full of anti-American wall paintingsTeheran - Iran Foto van Fragment of painting of a royal on the wall of one of the pavilionsKashan - Iran Foto van Statue with musician playing cymbals in the museum of the Drum TowerBeijing - China Foto van Indian women taking a selfie with the Sikh temple in the backgroundDelhi - India Foto van One of the many Indians at the templeDelhi - India Foto van Sikh with orange cloths at the Gurudwara Bangla SahibDelhi - India Foto van Indian Sikh with red turban and white shirtDelhi - India Foto van Sikh offering garlands at the entrance of the main templeDelhi - India Foto van Sikh with long wooden stick with metal point at Gurudwara Bangla SahibDelhi - India Foto van Woman with colourful dressDelhi - India Foto van The old men of Gboni watching the youngsters of the village danceGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Small boy with white stripes on his faceGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Stilt dancer taking a rest before performing his incredible danceGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Close-up of the stilt dancerGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Initiated young man with painted bodyGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Stilt dancer in the middle of his performanceGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Mask dancerGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Young woman with painted white stripes on her bodyGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Newly born (one day old) giant tortoise between my fingersIle aux Aigrettes - Mauritius Foto van Giant tortoise headIle aux Aigrettes - Mauritius Foto van Believers entering a shrine south of the main Nizamuddin Auliya shrineDelhi - India Foto van People in front of the shrine for Nizamuddin Auliya, a  Chishti saintDelhi - India Foto van Man with basket full of flowers for offering at the Nizamuddin Auliya shrineDelhi - India Foto van Indian girls taking a selfie in the Garden of Five SensesDelhi - India Foto van Mosaic of flower with sun clockDelhi - India Foto van Boy in Qazan valleyAfghanen - Afghanistan Foto van Girl in Mazar-e-SharifAfghanen - Afghanistan Foto van Shepherd in Panjshir ValleyAfghanen - Afghanistan Foto van Fair-skinned boy in HeratAfghanen - Afghanistan Foto van Boy at the market of Mazar-e-SharifAfghanen - Afghanistan Foto van Fancy young man in the streets of Mazar-e-SharifAfghanen - Afghanistan

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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