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Foto van: Pristina, Kosovo

National Public Library, one of the most remarkable buildings of Pristina | Pristina | KosovoFamous Kosovars depicted on the wall of a building in the city centre | Pristina | KosovoThe skyline of Pristina mirrored in one of the shiny new buildings | Pristina | KosovoBay window in a traditional house in Pristina | Pristina | KosovoBill Clinton as a statue and on a large poster on the wall of an apartment block on Bill Clinton Boulevard | Pristina | KosovoOne of the winding streets in the old city centre of Pristina | Pristina | KosovoEntrance of the renovated Jashar Pasha mosque | Pristina | KosovoThe statue of Skanderbeg on a horse at the end of Nëna Tereza street with renovating projects abound | Pristina | KosovoMinaret of Carshi mosque mirrored in the adjacent modern steel and glass highrise tower | Pristina | KosovoThe Newborn sign in the city centre of Pristina all covered by graffiti | Pristina | KosovoCarshi mosque under repair and closed for visitors | Pristina | KosovoPictures of the disappeared in the city centre of Pristina, reminding the visitor of recent history | Pristina | KosovoThe Orthodox church of Pristina | Pristina | KosovoNëna Tereza boulevard in downtown Pristina | Pristina | KosovoStreet and cranes in Pristina | Pristina | Kosovo

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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