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Foto di: Ragusa, Croazia

Early morning view over Dubrovnik | Ragusa | CroaziaPart of the city wall and bastions in the evening | Ragusa | CroaziaSponza Palace, now housing the National Archives and an exhibition about the siege of Dubrovnik | Ragusa | CroaziaArch over one of the cobble stone streets in Dubrovnik | Ragusa | CroaziaMarble street running parallel to the city wall | Ragusa | CroaziaCity wall that runs all around the old town of Dubrovnik | Ragusa | CroaziaStairs leading up to the Dominican monastery seen from above | Ragusa | CroaziaOld town of Dubrovnik and surrounding sea seen from the city wall | Ragusa | CroaziaThe Clock tower of Dubrovnik | Ragusa | CroaziaRed-tiled roofs and several towers of churches | Ragusa | CroaziaThe port of Dubrovnik seen from the city wall | Ragusa | CroaziaStretch of the impressive city wall of Dubrovnik | Ragusa | CroaziaView of the old city of Dubrovnik with turret as seen from the city wall | Ragusa | CroaziaRoofs of Dubrovnik seen from the city wall | Ragusa | CroaziaNight falling over the city walls of Dubrovnik sticking out into the sea | Ragusa | Croazia

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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