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Foto di Red plant growing on the slopes of Cerro PondoñaPululahua - Ecuador Foto di Rainbow across the lower Kalandula FallsKalandula - Angola Foto di Kalandula Falls with rainbowKalandula - Angola Foto di View of Kalandula Falls with rainbow from the viewpointKalandula - Angola Foto di The rear part iof a shipwreck engulfed by wavesCacuaco - Angola Foto di Several tombstones are incorporated in the entrance buildingDelhi - India Foto di Tombstone commemorating a military who died at the 1857 clashes in DelhiDelhi - India Foto di The office door of Nicholson CemeteryDelhi - India Foto di The entrance building of Nicholson CemeteryDelhi - India Foto di One of the narrow streets of Cuenca with colourful housesCuenca - Spagna Foto di Decorated roof in one of the hanging houses of CuencaCuenca - Spagna Foto di Looking up the colourful houses in the Calle Alfonso VIIICuenca - Spagna Foto di Looking towards the tomb of Zhaoling with the Stele Pavilion in the foregroundChangping - Cina Foto di Coffins and cases in which burial articles were found inside the underground palace of DinglingChangping - Cina Foto di Stele and stele pavilion at the entrance of Changling mausoleum complexChangping - Cina Foto di The Hall of Eternal Favours in the Zhaoling complexChangping - Cina Foto di The Soul Tower of Zhaoling mausoleum complexChangping - Cina Foto di The main pathway linking the buildings of the Changling complex seen from the Soul TowerChangping - Cina Foto di Communication room used for expeditions to the North PoleNy-Ålesund - Foto di The main street of Ny-ÅlesundNy-Ålesund - Foto di Train in the snow, used in the mining timesNy-Ålesund - Foto di Bust of Roald Amundsen, polar explorer and Norwegian hero, with ribbon around his neckNy-Ålesund - Foto di People marching through the street of Ny-Ålesund on Constitution Day, Norwegian national dayNy-Ålesund - Foto di The building where Amundsen stayed when he was in Ny-ÅlesundNy-Ålesund - Foto di The tiny post office of Ny-Ålesund, claimed to be the northernmost post office of the planetNy-Ålesund - Foto di Posters of Soviet nuclear icebreakers in the museum of BarentsburgBarentsburg - Foto di Detail of Pomor art in the museum of BarentsburgBarentsburg - Foto di The former Soviet embassy, which now houses a museumBarentsburg - Foto di Detail of the mural on the school of BarentsburgBarentsburg - Foto di Polar bear sticking its head out of the iceEkmanfjorden - Foto di Polar bear dragging his catch across the snow, watched by glaucous gullsEkmanfjorden - Foto di Seals hanging to dry to serve as dog foodSpitsbergen - Foto di Putting a harness on a huskySpitsbergen - Foto di Sledges with skin waiting for a next tourSpitsbergen - Foto di Women lighting a lotus-shaped candle in front of Lingyun templeLeshan - Cina Foto di The head of the Giant Buddha seen from the staircaseLeshan - Cina Foto di Statue in Lingyun temple near the top of the Giant BuddhaLeshan - Cina Foto di Close-up of the face of the Giant BuddhaLeshan - Cina Foto di Close-up of the face of the Giant BuddhaLeshan - Cina Foto di Women praying towards the Giant BuddhaLeshan - Cina

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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