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Foto di: Museo Bob Marley, Giamaica

Statue of Bob Marley seen from below | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaHouse of Bob Marley, now a museum | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaWall with some memorable pictures of the life of Bob Marley | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaThe Landrover that Bob Marley used in the seventies | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaBob Marley museum and statue | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaBob Marley appearing in an African landscape on a fresco | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaProudly displaying the Album of the Century title | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaSons of Bob Marley painted on a wall | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaPainting on a wall referring to the famous No Woman No Cry song | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaThree women important in the life of Bob Marley at the socle of his statue | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaPainting of Haile Selassie, of major influence in the life of Bob Marley and many Jamaicans | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaSmall medicinal herb garden where Bob Marley grew his own crop | Museo Bob Marley | GiamaicaSign of the museum outside on Hope Road | Museo Bob Marley | Giamaica

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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