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Picture of Looking up the giant trees of Supertree Grove with skywalkSingapore - Singapore Picture of The man-made trees with the Cloudforest in the background, seen from the skywalkSingapore - Singapore Picture of Wooden canoes, plant and Lego in a small pond on top of the CloudforestSingapore - Singapore Picture of Singapore skyline seen from the summit of Mount FaberSingapore - Singapore Picture of Trail with stairs through Kent Ridge ParkSingapore - Singapore Picture of Indians at the square sarovarDelhi - India Picture of Looking towards the interior of the temple buildingDelhi - India Picture of Graffiti on a colonial building in Grand BassamGrand Bassam - Ivory Coast Picture of Courtyard of the museum of BomdoukouBondoukou - Ivory Coast Picture of Private collection of the director of the museum of BondoukouBondoukou - Ivory Coast Picture of Stilt dancer taking a rest before performing his incredible danceGboni - Ivory Coast Picture of Mask dancerGboni - Ivory Coast Picture of Women walking the bridge with their waresPont Weygand - Ivory Coast Picture of Bows of Ghanaian fishing boats on the shoreline of the Sassandra riverSassandra - Ivory Coast Picture of Main street of Sassandra with kids playing near the first BCA buildingSassandra - Ivory Coast Picture of Main street in JacquevilleJacqueville - Ivory Coast Picture of Yellow-faced myna on a branch in the aviaryHong Kong - Hong Kong Picture of Row of arches in the Rajon ki Baoli stepwellDelhi - India Picture of Looking up the interior of Baradari pavilion in Amber FortAmer - India Picture of Man Singh I Palace Square in Amber Fort with Baradari pavilionAmer - India Picture of Roof of Ganesh Pol in Amber FortAmer - India Picture of Looking up Ganesh PolAmer - India Picture of Close-up of carved elephant in Diwan-i-AmAmer - India Picture of Amber Fort seen from the southAmer - India Picture of Row of columns on the first courtyard, next to Diwan-i-AmAmer - India Picture of Suraj Pol. Sun Gate, seen from within Jaleb Chowk, the first courtyardAmer - India Picture of Yantra Raj, instrument to measure the altitude of celestial bodiesJaipur - India Picture of The metal circles of Chakra Yantra, used to find the right ascension and declination of a planet or other celestial bodyJaipur - India Picture of One wing of Samrat Yantra, a very precise instrument to measure timeJaipur - India Picture of Looking up the stairs of one of the twelve Rasivalaya Yantra, zodiacic insrumentsJaipur - India Picture of Stairs leading up Samrat YantraJaipur - India Picture of Looking up the gnomon of Samrat Yantra, the ramp pointing directly at the North PoleJaipur - India Picture of The gnomon of one of the twelve instruments of Rasivalaya Yantra, zodiacic instrumentJaipur - India Picture of Close-up of Nadivalaya YantraJaipur - India Picture of Some of the twelve instruments allowing measurements for zodiacs, unique to Jantar MantarJaipur - India Picture of The top floors of Hawa Mahal seen from the west sideJaipur - India Picture of Daylight filters through coloured glass in one of the many rooms of Hawa MahalJaipur - India Picture of View of the west side of Hawa MahalJaipur - India Picture of Front side of Hawa Mahal in the early eveningJaipur - India Picture of Boulders with inscriptions and hall of Nanputuo temple complexXiamen - China Picture of People praying in front of the Hall of Heavenly Kings at the entrance of the Nanputuo temple complexXiamen - China Picture of Light shining through two arched openings in the wall of Jawatha mosqueAl-Kilabiyah - Saudi Arabia Picture of The cosy bar inside Qaisariah souqAl Hofuf - Saudi Arabia Picture of Prayer beads, or misbaha, for sale in a shop in Qaisariah souqAl Hofuf - Saudi Arabia Picture of One of the paintings of an Omani woman in Bait al BahdhahMuscat - Oman Picture of Najlis, or guest lounge, in Bait al DalaleelMuscat - Oman Picture of Mask for women in the museum of Bait al ZubairMuscat - Oman Picture of The edge of Lincoln Memorial in the late afternoonWashington DC - U.S.A. Picture of Classic Greek Lincoln Memorial appearing between the treesWashington DC - U.S.A. Picture of Close-up of the Doric columns of Lincoln MemorialWashington DC - U.S.A. Picture of Monument commemorating the landing of the Dutch on the shore of MauritiusOld Grand Port - Mauritius Picture of One of the rooms of Eureka - Mauritius Picture of Bus at the bus station of MahébourgMauritius - Mauritius Picture of Close-up of lovely bus at Port Mathurin bus station on Rodrigues islandMauritius - Mauritius

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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