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Picture of Male ancestor figure of western NuristanKabul - Afghanistan Picture of Seated Buddha, ShotorakKabul - Afghanistan Picture of Triton with makara leg, Bagram, 11th centuryKabul - Afghanistan Picture of Kasyapa Brothers, Kapisa, 2-3rd century CEKabul - Afghanistan Picture of Two crows sculpted at the entrance of The Rookery, a reference to the controversial name of the buildingChicago - U.S.A. Picture of Reclining Buddha in Wat Poramai YikawatKo Kret - Thailand Picture of Detail of decoration at window shutter of Wat Phai LomKo Kret - Thailand Picture of Non-violence sculpture by Carl ReuterswärdNew York - U.S.A. Picture of Sculpture of bishop on a wall of the churchCorcomroe Abbey - Ireland Picture of Decorative carving at the foot of columns inside the church of Corcomroe AbbeyCorcomroe Abbey - Ireland Picture of Wall with carved tomb effigy of King of Thomond, Conor O'Brien, slain in a mid-13th century battleCorcomroe Abbey - Ireland Picture of Zebu head carved of stoneAmbohimanga - Madagascar Picture of Sculpture of sitting woman in the garden of the palaceAntananarivo - Madagascar Picture of Sculpture with ship and bible in the gardens of the RovaAntananarivo - Madagascar Picture of Detail of the facade of the Green PalaceTehran - Iran Picture of Detalied view of Tower, steel and glass artwork by Brower HatcherHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Businessman sleeping under newspaper by Seward JohnsonHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Part of the Were You Invited, a lively scene into which the visitor can stepHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Detail of Schatz's Spaceship by E. Calder PowelHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Girl with pearl earrings: 3D sculpture of the famous Vermeer paintingHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Lintel, by Emilie Benes BrzezinskiHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Dorion, by Bruce BeasleyHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Inside of the Chamber of Internal Dialogue by Seward JohnsonHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Summertime Lady stands over the waterHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Layered stone sculpture of two humansHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Model of the Olympia painting by Monet, by Seward JohnsonHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of First Love, by Itzik BenshalomHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of The Nine Muses by Carlos DorrienHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Redon's Fantasy of Venus by Seward JohnsonHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of The Caged Bird Dances II, sculpture by Meryl TaradashHamilton NJ - U.S.A. Picture of Close-up of carving in ChimondoKeram river - Papua New Guinea Picture of Papua showing his work of art in a village on the Keram riverKeram river - Papua New Guinea Picture of Haus tambaran in ChimondoKeram river - Papua New Guinea Picture of Boys posing with carving with crocodile and manKeram river - Papua New Guinea Picture of Wood carving of bird of paradiseKeram river - Papua New Guinea Picture of Looking up a column of the ruined haus tambaran in Chimondo on the Keram riverKeram river - Papua New Guinea Picture of Close-up of traditional canoe with carved crocodile headAngoram - Papua New Guinea Picture of Wooden sculpture of a headKoror - Palau Picture of Wooden sculpture of Micronesian figure in the museumKoror - Palau Picture of Richly decorated door of the House of the Brotherhood of BlackheadsTallinn - Estonia Picture of Modern sculpture hanging from a wall in the Upper Town of TallinnTallinn - Estonia Picture of The Monumento à Mãe Preta on the Largo Paiçandú reminds passers-by that female slaves sometimes had to nurse white babiesSão Paulo - Brazil Picture of Monument to the founders of São Paulo with Tribunal de Justicia building on the Rua Boa VistaSão Paulo - Brazil Picture of Room in the Maison du Boulanger, in which Senegalese baker Sidi Ka shows off his creative spirit - Niger Picture of Decorated door in an adobe house in the old town of Agadez - Niger Picture of Detail of an ivory roundel with scenes of the attack on the Castle of Love on display in the TreasuryNew York - U.S.A. Picture of Torso of Christ, a 12th century painted wooden sculpture from France in the Fuentidueña ChapelNew York - U.S.A. Picture of Detail of the Palmesel, a wooden statue of Jezus on a donkey in the Late Gothic HallNew York - U.S.A. Picture of Doorway from Moutiers-Saint-Jean, through which you reach the Langon ChapelNew York - U.S.A. Picture of The Fuentidueña Chapel with crucifix and fresco of Virgin and ChildNew York - U.S.A. Picture of Imperial carriageway with dragons and clouds leading to the Hall of Supreme HarmonyBeijing - China Picture of Looking up into the richly decorated ceiling of the Pavilion of Myriad Springtimes in the Imperial GardenBeijing - China Picture of Close-up of Buddha statue in the Kinkaku-ji complexKyoto - Japan Picture of Collection of stone images and Buddha statues at the Adashino Nembutsu-ji cemeteryKyoto - Japan

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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