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Picture of Looking up the colourful houses in the Calle Alfonso VIIICuenca - Spain Picture of Sunset over Marco Polo Bridge with the silhouettes of lionsWanping - China Picture of Sunset turns the lions into silhouettesWanping - China Picture of Looking towards the tomb of Zhaoling with the Stele Pavilion in the foregroundChangping - China Picture of Stele and stele pavilion at the entrance of Changling mausoleum complexChangping - China Picture of Stele with the name of the emperor Zhudi and empress Xu inside the Soul TowerChangping - China Picture of The Hall of Eternal Favours in the Zhaoling complexChangping - China Picture of The massive stele on top of a sculpted turtle in the Stele Pavilion at the beginning of the Ancient Sacred WayChangping - China Picture of The first arctic skyscraper in BarentsburgBarentsburg - Svalbard and Jan Mayen Picture of Bust of Lenin with the first arctic skyscraper in the backgroundBarentsburg - Svalbard and Jan Mayen Picture of Rays of sunlight shining on icebergs near MohnbuktaMohnbukta - Svalbard and Jan Mayen Picture of Intricate Buddhist scene with remnants of paint in a niche in the cliff faceJiajiang - China Picture of Three Buddha figures surrounded by smaller figures and remnants of paintJiajiang - China Picture of Boulder with several niches with BuddhasJiajiang - China Picture of The stairs leading under the cliff with niches with Buddha figuresJiajiang - China Picture of View of the cliff with Buddha statues and the Qingyi river in the backgroundJiajiang - China Picture of Colourful statue in a niche in the cliff at JiajiangJiajiang - China Picture of Looking along the cliff with tens of niches with Buddha statues and scenesJiajiang - China Picture of Looking up the rocky cliff with niches with Buddha statues insideJiajiang - China Picture of Close-up of the head of a Buddha in a niche that still has paintJiajiang - China Picture of Women lighting a lotus-shaped candle in front of Lingyun templeLeshan - China Picture of Looking up the Giant Buddha from its right footLeshan - China Picture of Looking down at the feet of the Giant Buddha from the staircaseLeshan - China Picture of Women praying towards the Giant BuddhaLeshan - China Picture of The Giant Buddha seen from the staircaseLeshan - China Picture of Boy walking an alley of Stone TownZanzibar City - Tanzania Picture of Kingfisher in a bush in Uda WalaweUda Walawe - Sri Lanka Picture of Fragment of the famed frescoes halfway up Sigiriya rockSigiriya - Sri Lanka Picture of Looking up Sigiriya at the end of the afternoon, with the Mirror Wall clearly visibleSigiriya - Sri Lanka Picture of Sigiriya rock reflected in one of the rectangular ponds in the late afternoonSigiriya - Sri Lanka Picture of Statue of Abhaya Mudra in the Cave of the Great KingDambulla - Sri Lanka Picture of People sitting in a semi-circle in the temple grounds directly west of the Temple of the Sacred ToothKandy - Sri Lanka Picture of Sunrise over the central highlands of Sri LankaAdam's Peak - Sri Lanka Picture of Oil lamps burning at the shrine on top of the mountainAdam's Peak - Sri Lanka Picture of Sculpture of cobra with flowers in the Shiva temple, part of the Chhatarpur templeDelhi - India Picture of Mumbai - India Picture of Circular tower and gallery in the backgroundMumbai - India Picture of Looking up into the sky from below, with clothes hanging to dry topped with orange flagsMumbai - India Picture of Clothes hanging to dry seen from Dhobi GhatMumbai - India Picture of Two men with laundry bags walking one of the many alleys inside Dhobi GhatMumbai - India

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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