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Foto van One of the houses with balconies in the old town of MombasaMombassa oude stad - Kenia Foto van Women wearing a burqa in a shop in the old city of PeshawarPesjawar - Pakistan Foto van Many of the streets in the old city of Peshawar are full of people, vehicles, shopsPesjawar - Pakistan Foto van Women lighting a lotus-shaped candle in front of Lingyun templeLeshan - China Foto van People waiting to descend with the top of the Giant Buddha head in the backgroundLeshan - China Foto van Women praying towards the Giant BuddhaLeshan - China Foto van Women sitting on the floor in prayer in the Temple of the Sacred Tooth RelicKandy - Sri Lanka Foto van Women lighting oil lamps in the Temple of the Sacred Tooth complexKandy - Sri Lanka Foto van One of the many murals with quotes in Concepción de AtacoConcepción de Ataco - El Salvador Foto van Mural with famous persons in Concepción de AtacoConcepción de Ataco - El Salvador Foto van Woman with basket filled wth coffeeApaneca - El Salvador Foto van Woman selling fruits on a corner in ApanecaApaneca - El Salvador Foto van Woman walking a cobble-stone street in NahuizalcoNahuizalco - El Salvador Foto van Indian lady in front of the memorial of Mahatma GandhiDelhi - India Foto van Ladies in light-blue dresses for saleGuayaquil - Ecuador Foto van Enormous doll with bloody head towering above a womanGuayaquil - Ecuador Foto van Lady doll for sale at the Seis de Marzo street market in GuayaquilGuayaquil - Ecuador Foto van Seller with her paper-maché dolls at the Seis de Marzo marketGuayaquil - Ecuador Foto van View of Hali Ali Dargah from outside the entranceMumbai - India Foto van Woman at the steps leading to the sea with Haji Ali Dargah in the backgroundMumbai - India Foto van Woman in red dress riding through a hutongBeijing - China Foto van Beautiful Itelmen women: mimskhe'nVulcanarium - Rusland Foto van Close-up of the Marble ThroneTeheran - Iran Foto van The Marble Throne in the Takht-e MarmarTeheran - Iran Foto van Mother with child at one of the canals running through Fin GardenKashan - Iran Foto van The mirror iwan, the entrance for women to the shrine of FatimaQom - Iran Foto van Indian women taking a selfie with the Sikh temple in the backgroundDelhi - India Foto van Woman with colourful dressDelhi - India Foto van The band providing an electrifying and irresistible rhythm to the dancersGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Young woman with painted white stripes on her bodyGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Line-up of women of GboniGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Mask dancer sitting in GboniGboni - Ivoorkust Foto van Women walking the bridge with their waresPont Weygand - Ivoorkust Foto van The cosy bar inside Qaisariah souqAl Hofuf - Saoedi Arabië Foto van Pumpkin, coleslaw, pineapple, potatoes, and more for sale at the market of Port MathurinPort Mathurin - Mauritius Foto van The central hall of the market of Port MathurinPort Mathurin - Mauritius Foto van People around the main Nizamuddin Auliya shrineDelhi - India Foto van People in front of the shrine for Nizamuddin Auliya, a  Chishti saintDelhi - India Foto van The Jama-at-Khana mosque with people gatheringDelhi - India Foto van People gathering in front of the Nizamuddin Auliya shrineDelhi - India

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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