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Foto van Interior of the mosque with enormous chandelierAboe Dhabi - Verenigde Arabische Emiraten Foto van View of the interior of the main prayer hall of the Grand Mosque of Sheikh ZayedAboe Dhabi - Verenigde Arabische Emiraten Foto van One of the narrow streets of Cuenca with colourful housesCuenca - Spanje Foto van Row of buildings in the early eveningParamaribo Architecture - Suriname Foto van Classic building on Lenin Square with Soviet detailsChabarovsk - Rusland Foto van The Spaso-Preobrazhensky cathedral in the afternoonChabarovsk - Rusland Foto van Row of lanterns with the Stela City of Military Glory on the leftChabarovsk - Rusland Foto van Close-up of Russky bridgeVladivostok - Rusland Foto van Close-up of coloured cables of Russky bridgeVladivostok - Rusland Foto van Middle section of Russky bridgeVladivostok - Rusland Foto van Pathway with mushroom-shaped lanternsDelhi - India Foto van Decorative lanterns in a treeDelhi - India Foto van Chandelier seen from belowChicago - Verenigde Staten Foto van Looking over one of the western arms of the walkwaySeoul - Zuid Korea Foto van Lanterns hanging inside the Zhencheng Lou, the largest circular tulou of HongkengHongkeng - China Foto van Inside view of the Zhencheng Lou tulou with three floorsHongkeng - China Foto van Looking up an entrance of one of the buildings of Fuyu LouHongkeng - China Foto van Top floor of Zhencheng Lou, the largest, circular tulou of the Hongkeng clusterHongkeng - China Foto van Looking up the southern pylon with lanternsGolden Gate brug - Verenigde Staten Foto van Lanterns and cables at the southern pylon of the Golden Gate BridgeSan Francisco - Verenigde Staten Foto van Cobble-stone street in the Lower Town of TallinnTallinn - Estland Foto van Frontal view of the Sultan's Palace of ZinderZinder - Niger Foto van Stone lanterns below the West Gate buildingKyoto - Japan Foto van Stone lantern at a pond of Seiryu-en gardenKyoto - Japan Foto van View of the entrance of the Cloisters from the east sideThe Cloisters - Verenigde Staten Foto van Looking up one of the round towers of the Parliament BuildingsBridgetown - Barbados Foto van Church in SpeightstownSpeightstown - Barbados Foto van Street lantern with orange treeSan Isidro - Argentinië Foto van Corner of a house on the mighty long Avenida del Libertador San MartínSan Isidro - Argentinië Foto van Old adobe buildings in the village of MolinosValles Calchaquies - Argentinië Foto van Lantern on a long wall at the northeastern side of the Forbidden CityBeijing - China Foto van Steps leading up an alley in Beni IsguenBeni Isguen - Algerije Foto van Close-up of a Chinese house with lanternHarbin - China Foto van Ice lanterns on the frozen Songhua riverHarbin - China Foto van Orange torii gates with lanternKyoto - Japan Foto van Wall and tower of the fortress of Kamyanets-Podilsky in the morningKamyanets-Podilsky - Oekraïne Foto van Morning view of the road and Turkish bridge leading to the fortress of Kamyanets-PodilskyKamyanets-Podilsky - Oekraïne Foto van View of the fortress from the Turkish bridge in the eveningKamyanets-Podilsky - Oekraïne Foto van Looking up a building in the old townKamyanets-Podilsky - Oekraïne Foto van Street in the old town of Kamyanets-PodilskyKamyanets-Podilsky - Oekraïne

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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