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Foto van: Zouérat Nouadhibou ijzererts trein (13)

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Foto van A communal area to sit and chat, and eat something, in the train compartmentNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van Passing an area where mining is underwayNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van The train station of Nouadhibou in the early morningNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van View of tabular mountains with sand dunes at its feetNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van Lone tree in the desert with sand dunes in the distanceNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van Some of the many, many carriages carrying iron ore to NouadhibouNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van Looking out over the train from the top of the first class carriageNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van The rear of the train upon arrival in NouadhibouNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van The first class compartment at the rear of the iron ore train with the viewing platform on topNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van Cars delivering passengers to the train in ZouératNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van The iron ore train at a stop in Choum station just before sunsetNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van Looking into the first class compartment with bedsNouadhibou - Mauritanië Foto van Looking towards the front of the longest train of the worldNouadhibou - Mauritanië

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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