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Picture of Sufi musicians performing qawwali, devotional musicMumbai - India Picture of Beijing - China Picture of Performer drumming on one of the big drums in the Drum TowerBeijing - China Picture of Statue with musician playing cymbals in the museum of the Drum TowerBeijing - China Picture of Performance in the Drum TowerBeijing - China Picture of The small band providing a rhythm to the mask dancerGboni - Ivory Coast Picture of The band providing an electrifying and irresistible rhythm to the dancersGboni - Ivory Coast Picture of Old piano on display in the museum - Mauritius Picture of Record player on display in the colonial building of Eureka - Mauritius Picture of Man playing trumpet in Fuxing parkShanghai - China Picture of Some traditional musical instruments on display in the museumNiamey - Niger Picture of The Beatles Monument on top of Kök TöbeAlmaty - Kazakhstan Picture of Row of statues with musical instrumentsKuwait - Kuwait Picture of Traditional musical instrument on display in the museumKuwait - Kuwait Picture of Musical instruments from Kashgar and Tibet suspended in the airKuwait - Kuwait Picture of Big Namba men playing the tam-tamMae - Vanuatu Picture of Small Big Namba kid with a tam-tamMae - Vanuatu Picture of Big Namba singing with a small tam-tamMae - Vanuatu Picture of Making music by hitting the earth with wooden sticksMae - Vanuatu Picture of Blowing a conch shell at the end of one of the dances of the Big Namba'sMae - Vanuatu Picture of The men, women, and kids of the Big Namba's of Mae coming out for another danceMae - Vanuatu Picture of Close-up of the blue and red painted carved face on top of a tam-tam on the nasala of Wala IslandWala - Vanuatu Picture of Close-up of one of the tam-tams used to make music for the traditional Small Namba dancesNemalits - Vanuatu Picture of Small Namba men playing the tam-tamNemalits - Vanuatu Picture of Singing for the kids at the Saturday market in the Civic Centre in AiwoNauru - Nauru Picture of Interior of the Drum House or Ndoga ObukabaKampala - Uganda Picture of Tokagakudo Concert HallTokyo - Japan Picture of Uyghur man performing at Hotan bazaarHotan - China Picture of Metallic musical instrumentsAccra - Ghana Picture of Musical instrumentsAccra - Ghana Picture of Detail of the Monument of IndependenceAlmaty - Kazakhstan Picture of Huge organ built in the Netherlands above the entrance of Katarina KyrkanStockholm - Sweden Picture of Playing the lingm, a traditional Bhutanese fluteJakar - Bhutan Picture of Ancient pan-flute on display in the museumLima - Peru Picture of Flutes in the small museumLima - Peru Picture of Ethiopia was the guiding country for Bob MarleyNine Mile - Jamaica Picture of Military band marching ahead of the procession with musicPopayán - Colombia Picture of Complete orchestras are an integral part of the Semana Santa processionPopayán - Colombia Picture of Music stall in the market of KingstonKingston - Jamaica Picture of Sign of the museum outside on Hope RoadKingston - Jamaica

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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