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Picture of Rickshaw in the old town of MombasaMombasa - Kenya Picture of Street in the old town of Mombasa with rickshaw and laundry hanging to dryMombasa - Kenya Picture of View of Government Square with balconied building and parked rickshawMombasa - Kenya Picture of Two massive bastions and the entrance gate to Derawar FortDerawar - Pakistan Picture of Peeking into one of the courtyards of a typical houseBeijing - China Picture of One corner of the main building of the mosqueKashan - Iran Picture of Mural with religious leader in the museum of BondoukouBondoukou - Ivory Coast Picture of Main street in JacquevilleJacqueville - Ivory Coast Picture of The 2CV car used by the Omidvar Brothers for part of their travels around the worldTehran - Iran Picture of Motorbike riders waiting for customers at a corner in MörönMörön - Mongolia Picture of The Mount Nimba range seen from Camp FourMount Nimba Liberia - Liberia Picture of Rickshaw with a street market in the backgroundMonrovia - Liberia Picture of Motorbikes parked on the track leading to Blue LakeBomi - Liberia Picture of Man with traditional hat and dress walking at the cattle marketAgadez - Niger Picture of Motorbike drivers waiting for customers at the cattle market of AgadezAgadez - Niger Picture of The camel section of the cattle market is relatively smallAgadez - Niger Picture of Tuaregs at the goat section of the cattle marketAgadez - Niger Picture of The long road to Libongo by motorbikeYokadouma - Cameroon Picture of Motorbike driver on the road to LibongoYokadouma - Cameroon Picture of People washing their motorbike or clothes in the second waterfallSipi - Uganda Picture of Avenue in Goma with the Nyiragongo volcano in the backgroundGoma - Democratic Republic Congo Picture of Wooden house surrounded by volcanic rocks in GomaGoma - Democratic Republic Congo Picture of Thoroughfare in the old town of GhardaïaGhardaïa - Algeria Picture of Part of the market of Kassala where fruits are soldKassala - Sudan Picture of White-robed men having tea at one of the markets of KassalaKassala - Sudan Picture of Women shopping at one of the markets of KassalaKassala - Sudan Picture of Customer on his motorbike with fish bought at the marketMalé - Maldives Picture of Veiled woman walking a street full of motorbikes and election flagsMalé - Maldives Picture of Deep in the mud: working their way through the mud on the track to BoundjiVaga - Congo Picture of Getting the motorbikes to the other side of the muddy trackVaga - Congo Picture of One of the motor guys trying to get the bike through a muddy poolVaga - Congo Picture of Blocked by a herd of cowsBamenda - Cameroon Picture of Riding a motorbike while transporting palm tree leavesNauru - Nauru Picture of Nauruans love to ride their motorbikesNauru - Nauru Picture of Fuel station in VaiakuVaiaku - Tuvalu Picture of Playing volleybal at the end of the runwayVaiaku - Tuvalu Picture of Tuvaluans on a scooter in one of the streets of Vaiaku townTuvalu - Tuvalu Picture of Tuvaluan with kid on his motorbikeTuvalu - Tuvalu Picture of Traffic on Avenida 9 de JulioBuenos Aires - Argentina Picture of Firebrigade tuk-tuk in BangkokBangkok - Thailand

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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