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Foto di Shopkeeper arranging his goods in the old city of PeshawarPeshawar - Pakistan Foto di Fruit and vegetable market of Concepción de AtacoConcepción de Ataco - El Salvador Foto di Close-up of coffee plantApaneca - El Salvador Foto di Woman selling fruits on a corner in ApanecaApaneca - El Salvador Foto di Josephine Baker in a corner in the museumCuernavaca - Messico Foto di Blue-winged leafbird eating papaya in the Edward Youde aviaryHong Kong Park - Hong Kong Foto di Pandanus fruit in the Grande Montagne reserveReserve Grande Montagne - Maurizio Foto di Pumpkin, coleslaw, pineapple, potatoes, and more for sale at the market of Port MathurinPort Mathurin - Maurizio Foto di People walking the bridge towards the market of Port MathurinPort Mathurin - Maurizio Foto di Melon seller in the streetMazar-e-Sharif - Afghanistan Foto di Old woman showing a tray of strawberriesI Papua - Papua Nuova Guinea Foto di Fruit stall at Oyingbo marketLagos - Nigeria Foto di Makumba eating fruits in the rainforestBayanga - Repubblica Centrafricana Foto di Makumba eating fruit on the floor of the forestBayanga - Repubblica Centrafricana Foto di Scene around the theme Apple, one of the eye catchers of the exhibitionHarbin - Cina Foto di Cocoa drying in the fresh air, covered by plasticRoça Monteforte - Serbia Foto di Bunch of cocoa fruits in various coloursRoça Monteforte - Serbia Foto di Cocoa fruit on a branch, growing in the wildCascata Angolar - Serbia Foto di Cocoa fruit can be easily spotted along the roads to Belo MonteBelo Monte - Serbia Foto di Close-up of a painted panel of the minbar of the multi-coloured mosqueTravnik - Bosnia ed Erzegovina Foto di Painted wall of the multi-coloured mosqueTravnik - Bosnia ed Erzegovina Foto di Veiled woman walking past fruit being sold at one of the markets of KassalaKassala - Sudan Foto di A typical jungle fruit opened like a flower on the floor of the cloud forestMindo - Ecuador Foto di Fruit lying on the forest floor in the parkSerekunda - Gambia Foto di Fruit stall at the market of PuduMercato di Pudu - Malesia Foto di Alma fountain on top of Kök TöbeCollina Kök Töbe - Kazachistan Foto di Car with bananas tied to the back waiting in the main street of BitamBitam - Gabon Foto di Man carrying a load of bananas down the slopes of Mount EloundemYaoundé - Camerun Foto di Cycling with a load of bananas on the bikeBurundi cyclists - Burundi Foto di Street vendors with their wares at the market of GizoGizo - Isole Salomone Foto di Coconuts come in sizes and are priced accordinglyGizo - Isole Salomone Foto di Girl on North Tarawa getting rid of the husk of a coconut with her teethGente I-Kiribati - Kiribati Foto di Women selling pineapples on a market outside JinjaJinja - Uganda Foto di Orange and red are dominant colours in this decoration in Tung Kok WaiLung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail - Hong Kong Foto di Fruit of the rainforest, already open on the forest floorScalata di Nevis Peak - St. Kitts e Nevis Foto di Part of the kitchen, also covered in mirrorsCasa degli Specchi - Kuwait Foto di Close-up of rambutan fruitBangkok - Thailandia Foto di Melon man: Uyghur streetvendor at Hotan bazaarHotan - Cina Foto di Selling melon at the marketKashgar - Cina Foto di Man selling fruits at Kashgar bazaarKashgar - Cina

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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