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Photo de: Ny-Ålesund (15)

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Photo de Walrus colony on the way up ForlandsundetNy-Ålesund - Photo de Communication room used for expeditions to the North PoleNy-Ålesund - Photo de Ice floating on the sea near EidemsbreenNy-Ålesund - Photo de Glacier on the east coast of Prins Karls Forland covered in thick snowNy-Ålesund - Photo de Tre Kroner, or Three Crowns, mountains seen from Kings Fjord, or KongsfjordenNy-Ålesund - Photo de Kongsfjorden with surrounding landscape reflected in the tranquil watersNy-Ålesund - Photo de Ice drifting near Eidembreen glacierNy-Ålesund - Photo de One of the many glaciers reaching KongsfjordenNy-Ålesund - Photo de The scientific settlement of Ny-Ålesund lies at the foot of a mountainNy-Ålesund - Photo de The main street of Ny-ÅlesundNy-Ålesund - Photo de Train in the snow, used in the mining timesNy-Ålesund - Photo de Bust of Roald Amundsen, polar explorer and Norwegian hero, with ribbon around his neckNy-Ålesund - Photo de People marching through the street of Ny-Ålesund on Constitution Day, Norwegian national dayNy-Ålesund - Photo de The building where Amundsen stayed when he was in Ny-ÅlesundNy-Ålesund - Photo de The tiny post office of Ny-Ålesund, claimed to be the northernmost post office of the planetNy-Ålesund -

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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