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Picture of Looking into the Lotus pondPolonnaruwa - Sri Lanka Picture of Small pond near the Flower Garden and the Orchid HouseKandy - Sri Lanka Picture of Fountain and church on the main square of NahuizalcoNahuizalco - El Salvador Picture of Looking along the water channel with fountains at the west side of Raj Ghat parkDelhi - India Picture of Reflecting pool with Golestan Palace in the backgroundTehran - Iran Picture of The gallery reflected in the pool in the courtyard belowKashan - Iran Picture of The courtyard of Khan-e BorujerdiKashan - Iran Picture of Looking across the well with holes through which water comes up and goes downKashan - Iran Picture of Shotor gelou, the central pavilion of Fin Garden with poolKashan - Iran Picture of Balasar mosque with fountain and pondQom - Iran Picture of Looking through a foutain at Fountain PlazaHong Kong - Hong Kong Picture of Fountain with decorations at a corner of the main square of MonguíMonguí - Colombia Picture of Flower-embellished fountain in Fuxing ParkShanghai - China Picture of The courtyard of the Quinta los OmbúesSan Isidro - Argentina Picture of Courtyard of a colonial house in Villa de LeyvaVilla de Leyva - Colombia Picture of Fountain on the outside of the Djemaa Ali Bitchine mosque in the lower CasbahAlgiers - Algeria Picture of Conical fountain on the Cardo MaximusDjemila - Algeria Picture of Moss-covered animal-head shaped fountain headKyoto - Japan Picture of The central fountain in the Sculpture Garden, with the National Archives in the background, becomes an ice rink in winterWashington, DC - United States Picture of Looking up the wooden ceiling of the fountain outside the Gazi Husrev Bey mosqueSarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina Picture of View towards the main entrance of Gazi Husrev Bey mosque through the wooden fountainSarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina Picture of Close-up of the wooden ceiling of the fountain in front of Gazi Husrev Bey mosqueSarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina Picture of Pigeon Square with the Sebilj in the middleSarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina Picture of Well right under the fortress of VrandukVranduk - Bosnia and Herzegovina Picture of Old well in the old town of JajceJajce - Bosnia and Herzegovina Picture of Frontal view of the Qila-i-Kuhna mosqueDelhi - India Picture of Fountain and the Casa Rosada in the backgroundBuenos Aires - Argentina Picture of Side view of the mosque with fountains and the umbrella-style roof of the mosqueKuala Lumpur - Malaysia Picture of View of the Masjid Negara from the first floorKuala Lumpur - Malaysia Picture of Fountains and the modern minaret of the National MosqueKuala Lumpur - Malaysia Picture of Star-shaped fountain with the Masjid Negara in the backgroundKuala Lumpur - Malaysia Picture of Queen Victoria Fountain at the southern side of Merdeka SquareKuala Lumpur - Malaysia Picture of Close-up of Robba FountainLjubljana - Slovenia Picture of Alma fountain on top of Kök TöbeAlmaty - Kazakhstan Picture of Small lake with fountains right under Stone MountainAtlanta - United States Picture of Columbus Memorial Fountain with Union Station in the backgroundWashington, DC - United States Picture of Blowholes causing a spray of water at the western coast of 'Eua island'Eua - Tonga Picture of Wave crashing on the rocky shore off HoumaHouma - Tonga Picture of Several blowholes in a row causing a temporary fountain of water into the airHouma - Tonga Picture of Spouts of water sent into the air by the force of the water through holes in the coralHouma - Tonga

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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