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Picture of Nandi in a separate shrine in the Shiva templeDelhi - India Picture of Zebu head carved of stoneAmbohimanga - Madagascar Picture of Cows emerging from a small lake at the foot of the Ab Touyour mountainsAb Touyour - Chad Picture of Scene at the cattle market of AgadezAgadez - Niger Picture of Tuareg men dwarfed by cows with wide horns at the cattle market of AgadezAgadez - Niger Picture of Cows in rolling hills of the interior of BarbadosBarbados - Barbados Picture of Men at a butcher at the market of LospalosLospalos - Timor-Leste Picture of Herd of cows grazing the plains outside VarelaVarela - Guinea-Bissau Picture of Cows roaming around one of the old houses of BubaqueBubaque - Guinea-Bissau Picture of A herd of cows on the muddy track between Ewo and BoundjiVaga - Congo Picture of Blocked by a herd of cowsBamenda - Cameroon Picture of Cows walking the crater rim above Lake WumBamenda - Cameroon Picture of Cow and tank in the village of Karintak, just below ShushiKarintak - Armenia Picture of Close-up of two cows sculpted on the wall of Sri Mariamman templeSingapore - Singapore Picture of Sculpture of man with a cow in the background, and one of the modern buildingsSingapore - Singapore Picture of Cows on a green hill of the AzoresAzores - Portugal Picture of Village boys walking with a cowYirgalem - Ethiopia Picture of Peasant with cow in MatangMatang - China Picture of Statue of ox at the nativity scene in the Salt CathedralZipaquirá - Colombia Picture of Canal and cow in West DemeraraWest Demerara - Guyana Picture of Cow and people in Chawri BazaarOld Delhi - India Picture of Street scene of Chawri BazaarOld Delhi - India Picture of Cows in East Jutland landscapeVejle - Denmark Picture of Guiding the cows on the plateau of Debre Damo monasteryEthiopia - Ethiopia Picture of Walking cows: on the way to San AgustínHonduras - Honduras Picture of Cow in the forest: it was my first sign of being on the right trackCelaque - Honduras Picture of Windmills and cows at KinderdijkKinderdijk - Netherlands Picture of Cow marketBait al Faqih - Yemen Picture of Proud of his oxCuba - Cuba

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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