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Picture of: Uganda people, Uganda

Small boy with joyful smile | Uganda people | UgandaYoung Ugandans passing the equator sign on their daily routine | Uganda people | UgandaWoman trying to sell a fish at a fish market on Lake Edward | Uganda people | UgandaMarket scene in Western Uganda | Uganda people | UgandaFishermen adjusting their nets on the shore of Lake Edward | Uganda people | UgandaWomen at a street market | Uganda people | UgandaSchool kids in a small Ugandan school | Uganda people | UgandaUgandan school kids in their classroom | Uganda people | UgandaWoman sweing on her beautiful machine | Uganda people | UgandaPeople walking alongside a road in Uganda, a common sight | Uganda people | UgandaStreetscene in Uganda | Uganda people | UgandaWoman selling fruits and tasting some herself | Uganda people | UgandaMan carrying a piece of wood | Uganda people | UgandaWomen looking back while walking on the road | Uganda people | Uganda

Around the World in 80 Clicks

Welcome to Around the World in 80 Clicks! Through this site, I intend to inspire you to travel, to inform you about places you might have never heard of, to show you the beauty of our planet, through images and text. Here, you can find thousands of pictures taken in every corner of the world - all for you to explore. The pictures are accompanied by my personal travel impressions.
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