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Picture of: Panamá Viejo, Panama

Looking up the ruins of the Cathedral with belfry | Panamá Viejo | PanamaPart of the ruins of the Casas Terrín | Panamá Viejo | PanamaView of Casas Terrín from the top of the belfry | Panamá Viejo | PanamaSkull of woman surrounded by skulls of men | Panamá Viejo | PanamaThe Puente del Rey, the King's Bridge over the Abajo river | Panamá Viejo | PanamaRuined wall of the Hospital of San Juan de Dios | Panamá Viejo | PanamaChurch of the Conception, to which also a convent belonged, is partly reconstructed | Panamá Viejo | PanamaRuins of the Church of San José to the north of Panamá Viejo | Panamá Viejo | PanamaLooking down into a water reservoir | Panamá Viejo | PanamaRuins of Casa Alarcón, the largest private residence of Panamá Viejo, constructed in the 1640s | Panamá Viejo | PanamaRuins of the Casas Reales, once the centre of power in Panamá Viejo | Panamá Viejo | PanamaItems from the ruins on display in the small museum of Panamá Viejo | Panamá Viejo | Panama

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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