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Picture of: Noravank monastery, Armenia

The complex of Noravank surrounded by mountains | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaExterior steps leading to the Mother of God church, above the mausoleum of the Orbelian family | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaLight falling on a tombstone through an opening in the John the Baptist church | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaDomes of the churches at Noravank Monastery in the afternoon | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaGod carved out of tympanum above the entrance to St. John the Baptist church at Noravank | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaLooking up the cupola above the Mother of God church of Noravank | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaCross carved out on the facade of the Mother of God church at Noravank | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaFine carvings by Momik above the entrance to the mausoleum of the Orbelians | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaThe St John the Baptist church in the late afternoon | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaVirgin Mary and child with angels carved out by Mamik above the entrance of the Orbelian mausoleum | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaThe Astvatsatsin or Mother of God church just before sunset | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaFrontal view of a carved scene of Mother Mary with child | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaSunset on the mountains and Noravank Monastery | Noravank monastery | ArmeniaDoors, stairs, and carved tympanums at the Mother of God church | Noravank monastery | Armenia

Around the World in 80 Clicks

Welcome to Around the World in 80 Clicks! Through this site, I intend to inspire you to travel, to inform you about places you might have never heard of, to show you the beauty of our planet, through images and text. Here, you can find thousands of pictures taken in every corner of the world - all for you to explore. The pictures are accompanied by my personal travel impressions.
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