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Foto van: Sumo worstelen, Japan

Sumo wrestlers presenting themselves to the audience | Sumo worstelen | JapanSumo wrestler throwing salt over the dohyo before his match | Sumo worstelen | JapanSumo wrestlers engaged in a close battle | Sumo worstelen | JapanPreparations before entering the sumo hall | Sumo worstelen | JapanClose-up of referee during a sumo match | Sumo worstelen | JapanSumo wrestlers in the elite makuuchi division presenting themselves | Sumo worstelen | JapanGyoji closely watching a sumo wrestler | Sumo worstelen | JapanSumo wrestlers performing shiko exercise before starting their bout | Sumo worstelen | JapanSumo wrestlers on the dohyo with gyoji (referee) watching closely | Sumo worstelen | JapanSumo wrestler about to strike | Sumo worstelen | JapanSumo bout just before the start | Sumo worstelen | JapanThe dohyo sumo wrestling ring in Ryogoku Kokugikan, Tokyo | Sumo worstelen | JapanCrowd going crazy during a sumo match | Sumo worstelen | JapanOne of the enormous cups handed to the winner | Sumo worstelen | Japan

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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