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Foto van: Calea Victoriei, Roemenië

Renaissance-style Cercul Militar Naţional, originally housing a casino only accessible for officers | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëStatue of Carol I on a horse in front of the Central University Library building | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëView of Calea Victoriei with the Central University Library building and the Revolution Square | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëStatue of sitting man in front of the Senate building, formerly the Central Committee of the Communist Party | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëRebirth Memorial near Revolution Square smack in the middle of Bucharest | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëBuilding with clock on its tower | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëSide view of Capsa hotel | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëLooking up a modern building with a clock on Calea Victoriei | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëFormer Securitate building bombed in the December 1989 uprising, currently housing the Architects Union | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëCantacuzino Palace, now housing the George Enescu museum, one of the remarkable buildings on the northern side of Calea Victoriei | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëPart of the National Museum of Art of Romania on Calea Victoriei | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëThe Athenée Palace, now a Hilton hotel | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëBuilt in neo-classical style in the 1830s for the later prince of Wallachia, Stirbei Palace is another jewel in the crown of Calea Victoriei | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëSome parts of Calea Victoriei are tree-lined | Calea Victoriei | RoemeniëRomanian Athenaeum concert hall, inaugurated in 1888 | Calea Victoriei | Roemenië

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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