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Picture of: Niofoin, Ivory Coast

Rows of container huts and huts where villagers live | Niofoin | Ivory CoastView of the entrance of the house of fetish Diby | Niofoin | Ivory CoastOne of the Kafounda, where problems are solved | Niofoin | Ivory CoastThe house of Diby with its peculiar thick thatched roof | Niofoin | Ivory CoastCollection of skulls of sacrificed animals next to the door of a sacrificial hut | Niofoin | Ivory CoastRow of container huts for keeping the harvest | Niofoin | Ivory CoastThe entrance of the house of DIby, with necklaces of sacrificed dogs | Niofoin | Ivory CoastOverview of the traditional section of Niofoin village | Niofoin | Ivory CoastWall of the Diby fetish house | Niofoin | Ivory CoastAdobe constructions for keeping the harvest | Niofoin | Ivory CoastSpecial hut with crown-like decoration, where female deceased are kept until being buried | Niofoin | Ivory CoastMain hut of the fetish Diby where sacrifices are made every Friday | Niofoin | Ivory Coast

Around the World in 80 Clicks

Welcome to Around the World in 80 Clicks! Through this site, I intend to inspire you to travel, to inform you about places you might have never heard of, to show you the beauty of our planet, through images and text. Here, you can find thousands of pictures taken in every corner of the world - all for you to explore. The pictures are accompanied by my personal travel impressions.
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