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Picture of: Murano, Italy

Early morning light on glass factory in Murano | Murano | ItalyBell tower of the Santa Maria e San Donato church in Murano | Murano | ItalyInauguration of a new gondola | Murano | ItalyDetail of glass blower grave on cemetery of Murano | Murano | ItalyStatue of Maria made of glass | Murano | ItalyWindow of glass shop in Murano | Murano | ItalyLighthouse, laundry and street in Murano | Murano | ItalyParticipants in yearly regatta of Murano | Murano | ItalySanta Maria e San Donato church | Murano | ItalyLighthouse and canal in the early morning light of Murano | Murano | ItalyTypical chimneys can also be found on new houses in Venice | Murano | ItalyQuiet street in Murano | Murano | ItalyCanal with boats in Murano | Murano | ItalyCanal and tower in Murano | Murano | Italy

Around the World in 80 Clicks

Welcome to Around the World in 80 Clicks! Through this site, I intend to inspire you to travel, to inform you about places you might have never heard of, to show you the beauty of our planet, through images and text. Here, you can find thousands of pictures taken in every corner of the world - all for you to explore. The pictures are accompanied by my personal travel impressions.
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