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Foto di: Vulcanarium, Russia

Hall One of the Vulcanarium museum | Vulcanarium | RussiaExplanations about how lava flows and how it gets its colour | Vulcanarium | RussiaThe logo of the museum | Vulcanarium | RussiaExplanations about the Pacific Ring of Fire and volcanic activity | Vulcanarium | RussiaExamples of eruptions of volcanoes | Vulcanarium | RussiaEverything you always wanted to know about calderas | Vulcanarium | RussiaBoard explaining about the different volcanoes and their features | Vulcanarium | RussiaPictures and text explaining about the regeneration of life around volcanoes | Vulcanarium | RussiaGods and goddesses of volcanoes and fire from around the world | Vulcanarium | RussiaBeautiful Itelmen women: mimskhe'n | Vulcanarium | RussiaOld black-and-white pictures showing Kamchatkan culture and people | Vulcanarium | Russia

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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