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Foto di: Roça Monteforte, Serbia

View of the cocoa driers at Roça Monteforte | Roça Monteforte | SerbiaBunch of cocoa fruits in various colours | Roça Monteforte | SerbiaThe colonial buildings of Roça Monteforte | Roça Monteforte | SerbiaShutter windows in the pousada at Roça Monteforte | Roça Monteforte | SerbiaWomen loading their buckets with cocoa fruits to get them to a drying table | Roça Monteforte | SerbiaCocoa drying in the fresh air, covered by plastic | Roça Monteforte | SerbiaLaundry drying close to the space where cocoa is drying | Roça Monteforte | SerbiaBuilding with the oven in which cocoa used to be dried | Roça Monteforte | SerbiaThe old oven in which the cocoa used to dry, until it broke down | Roça Monteforte | Serbia

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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