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Foto di: Chiese di Monaco, Germania

Belltowers of Frauenkirche or Munich Cathedral | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaDetail of dome and roof of St Peter's Church | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaInterior of Frauenkirche where windows cannot be easily seen | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaHeiliggeistkirche basking in the winter sun | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaHeiliggeistkirche with leather shop | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaBelltower of Theatinerkirche seen from behind Preysing palace | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaTheatinerchurch with lanterns | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaFamous bronze onion domes on top of belltowers of Frauenkirche | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaStained glass window in the Frauenkirche or Munich Cathedral | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaLooking up the stained glass windows of the Frauenkirche | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaBelltowers of the Frauenkirche defining the skyline of Munich | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaDomes and roof of St. Peter's church | Chiese di Monaco | GermaniaPeterskirche or St. Peter's church seen from Viktualienmarkt | Chiese di Monaco | Germania

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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