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Foto di: Monrovia, Liberia

Rickshaw with a street market in the background | Monrovia | LiberiaLooking west along one of the golden beaches of Monrovia | Monrovia | LiberiaThe Rivoli cinema in Broad Street, Monrovia | Monrovia | LiberiaThe monument to JJ Roberts, the first president of Liberia in 1848 | Monrovia | LiberiaMask in the National Museum | Monrovia | LiberiaFirst United Methodist Church, the oldest church of the city | Monrovia | LiberiaThe entrance of Centennial Pavilion, Monrovia | Monrovia | LiberiaEbola exhibition in the National Museum of Monrovia | Monrovia | LiberiaA Nigerian dugout canoe with a slogan lying on a West Point beach | Monrovia | LiberiaDuala Market, north Monrovia | Monrovia | LiberiaGet your new gold teeth right here! - in West Point | Monrovia | LiberiaStreet in West Point, the biggest shanty town in Monrovia | Monrovia | LiberiaOne of the many fish markets of West Point | Monrovia | LiberiaThe Masonic Temple on the western side on which Monrovia is built | Monrovia | LiberiaBeach club on one of the golden beaches of Monrovia | Monrovia | Liberia

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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