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Foto di: Escursione Cervino, Svizzera

Early morning sunlight on the cloud-surrounded Matterhorn | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraEastern ridge of the Matterhorn in banner clouds | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraTrail and Matterhorn in a distance | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraMatterhorn seen from Zermatt | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraView from a ridge towards Zermatt | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraFirst rays of sunlight on the summit of Matterhorn | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraLooking west towards the Zmutt glacier | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraMatterhorn surrounded by clouds | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraMighty walls of ice form a glacier on the rocks | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraClouds covering the Zmutt glacier | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraEarly morning sunlight over the clouds in the Zmutt valley with the Matterhorn on the right | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraRidge at the foot of Hörnli ridge, often used to climb the Matterhorn | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraZmutt valley with waterfall, trees, and glaciers hidden by clouds | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraIce- and snow covered Monte Rosa mountain range east of the Matterhorn | Escursione Cervino | SvizzeraIbex on a mountain | Escursione Cervino | Svizzera

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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