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Foto di: Khatyn, Bielorussia

Each house is marked by the foundations, and a tower with a bell that rings every 30 seconds | Khatyn | BielorussiaThe mourning pedestal covered by flowers, with the Memory Wall in the background | Khatyn | BielorussiaThis black memorial symbolizes the barn where the villagers were burnt alive | Khatyn | BielorussiaThe memorial at the entrance of Khatyn recounting the events that took place in Khatyn and Belarus | Khatyn | BielorussiaThis monument marks the place where the inhabitants of the village were burnt alive in 1943 | Khatyn | BielorussiaThese markers represent the location of wells | Khatyn | BielorussiaConcrete path through the village of Khatyn with markers where houses once stood | Khatyn | BielorussiaMonument commemorating the 186 villages that were erased from the face of the earth by the Nazis | Khatyn | BielorussiaMonument for the Belorussian villages that were destroyed, and subsequently rebuilt after the war | Khatyn | BielorussiaThe graveyard of villages which disappeared from the face of the earth during World War II | Khatyn | BielorussiaThe roof of the shed where the villagers were butchered is marked by this black monument | Khatyn | BielorussiaThe path leading down to the open area in the woods where Khatyn was located | Khatyn | Bielorussia

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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