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Photo de: Theth, Albanie

Looking towards the peaks north of Theth with Theth river in the foreground | Theth | AlbanieWaterfall coming down from the mountains close to Theth | Theth | AlbanieThe Blue Eye Pool with small waterfall and totally transparent water | Theth | AlbanieChurch of Theth with mountains rising behind it | Theth | AlbanieOne of the many trails around Theth | Theth | AlbanieCanyon with clear water flowing through it | Theth | AlbanieBridge over rocky canyon on the way to the Blue Eye Pool | Theth | AlbanieMountain scenery seen from the mountain pass between Bogë and Theth | Theth | AlbanieThe dismal road between Bogë and Theth | Theth | AlbanieTypical mountain houses common in Theth | Theth | AlbanieEarly morning light on the mountains around Theth | Theth | AlbanieOne of the extremely clear water rivers, subsidiary of the Theth river | Theth | AlbanieThis kind of ladder is commonly used for those wanting to pass a fence | Theth | AlbanieButterflies on a flower with the Blue Eye pool in the background | Theth | Albanie

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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