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Photo de: Kounia-Ourguentch, Turkménistan

The dazzling ceiling of the Turabeg Khanum complex | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanGutlug Timur minaret seen from below | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanThe Nedjmeddin Kubra mausoleum | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanArch and part of the impressive central hall of the Turabeg Khanum complex | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanIl-Arslan mausoleum casting a shadow | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanLooking up the enormous portal of what once was a caravanserai | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanMausoleum of Il-Arslan | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanClose-up of the decorations above the entrance to the mausoleum of Nedjmeddin Kubra | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanMausolea of Soltan Ali (left) and Nedjmeddin Kubra (right) | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanThe complex of Turabeg Khanum | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanClose-up of a grave near Sultan Tekesh mausoleum in Konye-Urgench | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanFertility mascottes on a hill in Konye-Urgench | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanView of the ceiling of a part of the Mausoleum of Turabeg Khanum | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanDetail of a mausoleum of Konye-Urgench | Kounia-Ourguentch | TurkménistanSome of the many bones in a hill of Konye-Urgench | Kounia-Ourguentch | Turkménistan

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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