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Photo de: Bridgetown, Barbade

The west wing of the Parliament Buildings with clock tower housing public offices | Bridgetown | BarbadeTypical house in Bridgetown | Bridgetown | BarbadeIndependence Arch spanning the southern entrance to Chamberlain Bridge | Bridgetown | BarbadeConstitution River in Bridgetown with the bus terminal on the right | Bridgetown | BarbadeLooking up one of the round towers of the Parliament Buildings | Bridgetown | BarbadeThis part of the Parliament Buildings houses the Senate and House of Assembly | Bridgetown | BarbadeOne of the busy streets of Bridgetown | Bridgetown | BarbadeLooking up one of the most impressive buildings of Bridgetown | Bridgetown | BarbadeThe Parliament Buildings in Bridgetown | Bridgetown | BarbadeIndependence Square with the symbol of Barbados and statue of Errol Barrow, the national hero of Barbados | Bridgetown | BarbadeModern boats docked in the old harbour of Bridgetown | Bridgetown | BarbadeAlley with balconies in the old part of Bridgetown | Bridgetown | BarbadeClose-up of a tombstone on the cemetery of St Michael's Cathedral in Bridgetown | Bridgetown | BarbadeSt Mary's church in Bridgetown | Bridgetown | BarbadeLooking up a statue of Lord Nelson, erected 30 years before the one on Trafalgar Square in London | Bridgetown | Barbade

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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