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Photo de: Mausolée Bob Marley, Jamaique

For real Rastafarians, Bob never died | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueBuilding housing the grave of Bob Marley on top of Mount Zion | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueOne of the many weed plants in a garden near the Bob Marley mausoleum | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueThe central message of Bob Marley: One Love | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueImage of Bob Marley surrounded by Rasta colours, with the title of one of his albums | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueThe bed on which Bob Marley slept when he was young | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueEthiopia was the guiding country for Bob Marley | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueRasta colours decorate all the houses on the premises | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueResting place of the mother of Bob Marley | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueGuide resting his head on the rock pillow, used by Bob for inspiration | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueJoyful Rasta guide having a laugh at Bob Marley Mausoleum | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueThe road leading up to Mount Zion | Mausolée Bob Marley | JamaiqueBob Marley carved out in a door | Mausolée Bob Marley | Jamaique

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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