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Photo de: Bagamoyo, Tanzanie

Boats lying on or near the beach of Bagamoyo | Bagamoyo | TanzanieBell tower of the oldest church of East Africa | Bagamoyo | TanzanieView from the German Fort | Bagamoyo | TanzanieLiku house | Bagamoyo | TanzanieClose-up of the main entrance door to the German Fort | Bagamoyo | TanzanieWomen walking the beach at Bagamoyo | Bagamoyo | TanzaniePeople meeting fishermen on the beach to buy fish | Bagamoyo | TanzanieGerman cemetery right on the sea | Bagamoyo | TanzanieRuins of German colonial buildings | Bagamoyo | TanzanieTree-lined road in Bagamoyo | Bagamoyo | TanzanieBaobab tree near the Catholic mission | Bagamoyo | TanzanieMadrasa in Bagamoyo | Bagamoyo | TanzanieBoma, the German headquarters, building under reconstruction | Bagamoyo | TanzanieOld church claimed to have been once used by Dr. Livingstone | Bagamoyo | TanzanieStairs and window at the German Fort | Bagamoyo | Tanzanie

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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