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Foto de: Sundy, Serbia

Frontal view of the old hospital of Sundy, once the biggest on the island | Sundy | SerbiaLooking up the old Portuguese wall at the eastern side of the Sundy plantation | Sundy | SerbiaRow of old plantation buildings at Sundy | Sundy | SerbiaTall palm trees lining the dirt track leading to Sundy | Sundy | SerbiaView of the interior of the old hospital of Sundy | Sundy | SerbiaStairs leading up to one of the buildings of Sundy | Sundy | SerbiaLocomotive slowly rusting away in a corner of the Sundy plantation estate | Sundy | SerbiaVeranda of the palace-like building at the Sundy plantation complex | Sundy | SerbiaOld railway track overgrown by roots at Sundy | Sundy | SerbiaThe small fishing village north of Sundy | Sundy | SerbiaThe Portuguese-style gate and church at the far end of the Sundy estate | Sundy | SerbiaOne of the main buildings of the Sundy estate | Sundy | SerbiaSome of the buildings of the plantation at the entrance of Sundy | Sundy | SerbiaThe beach which lies just north of Sundy | Sundy | SerbiaSmall memorial dedicated to the experiment by Sir Arthur Eddington in 1919, finding empirical evidence to support the theory of relativity of Einstein | Sundy | Serbia

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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