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Foto de: Stanley, Islas Malvinas

Row of typical houses in Stanley | Stanley | Islas MalvinasLiberation Monument, in memory of the Falkland War | Stanley | Islas MalvinasRoss Road, the main street of Stanley at the waterfront | Stanley | Islas MalvinasChimney on a typical house in Stanley | Stanley | Islas MalvinasSkeleton of whale made of wood in a garden in Stanley | Stanley | Islas MalvinasWhale-bone arch and Christ Church Cathedral in Stanley | Stanley | Islas MalvinasThatcher Drive in Stanley | Stanley | Islas MalvinasBattle Memorial, in remembrance of the Battle of the Falklands between Germany and Britain in 1914 | Stanley | Islas MalvinasThe Solar System Walk represents our solar system on scale | Stanley | Islas MalvinasThe boulevard at Stanley | Stanley | Islas MalvinasSign warning for the mine fields surrounding Stanley | Stanley | Islas MalvinasClose-up of a building in Stanley | Stanley | Islas MalvinasPenguin News sign on a building in Stanley | Stanley | Islas MalvinasItems on display in the garden of the museum of Stanley | Stanley | Islas Malvinas

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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