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Foto de: Sassandra, Costa Marfil

Beach of Sassandra with the sacred forest | Sassandra | Costa MarfilOne of the colonial ruins with a line of tall palm trees in front | Sassandra | Costa MarfilMain street of Sassandra with kids playing near the first BCA building | Sassandra | Costa MarfilRuins of a colonial house in Sassandrs | Sassandra | Costa MarfilSassandra beach with the ruins of the governor's house at the far end | Sassandra | Costa MarfilThe lush vegetation of Fisolagpo islet reflected in the perfectly still Sassandra river | Sassandra | Costa MarfilThe beach off Sassandra where fishermen use nets | Sassandra | Costa MarfilView of the beach stretching out near Sassandra | Sassandra | Costa MarfilBows of Ghanaian fishing boats on the shoreline of the Sassandra river | Sassandra | Costa MarfilTree overgrowing the ruins of the governor's house of Sassandra | Sassandra | Costa MarfilThe shoreline of Sassandra river with many Ghanaian fishing boats docked on the coast | Sassandra | Costa MarfilRemains of a swimming pool and tennis courts of what used to be a posh hotel in Sassandra | Sassandra | Costa MarfilMangroves at Fisolagpo islet in the Sassandra river | Sassandra | Costa MarfilMonument for the British who died in a submarine attack off the coast of Sassandra | Sassandra | Costa MarfilVaulted arches in the ruins of the governor's house of Bas-Sassandra | Sassandra | Costa Marfil

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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