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Foto de: Tarawa Norte, Kiribati

Crystal clear water with one of the many islets with dropping tide | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiLow tide on North Tarawa, when the islets grow considerably | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiTraditional Kiribati hut on stilts over one of the channels between the Pacific and the lagoon | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiTrail over one of the islets of North Tarawa | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiPalm tree with mangroves on temporary dry land with low tide | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiMangrove trees reflected in the shallow water of a channel between two islets | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiChannel between the Pacific and lagoon at low tide | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiLarge swathe of land exposed by the low tide | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiTraditional maneaba in Kanaiba, one of the many villages on North Tarawa | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiBroken bridge between Abatao and Tabiteuea islets | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiThatched huts in one of the many villages of North Tarawa | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiSmall mangrove tree at low tide | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiPalm trees before sunset | Tarawa Norte | KiribatiReflection of palm trees in the upcoming water of high tide | Tarawa Norte | Kiribati

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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