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Foto de: Inishbofin, Irlanda

Coastline at the northeast side of Inishbofin | Inishbofin | IrlandaBeach on the east side of Inishbofin with the Connemara mountains in the background | Inishbofin | IrlandaRoad near Cloonamore on the east side of Inishbofin | Inishbofin | IrlandaCliffs of black rock rise abruptly from the Atlantic | Inishbofin | IrlandaNarrow channel in the wild northeast coast of Inishbofin | Inishbofin | IrlandaTrack with stone wall at the west side of Inishbofin | Inishbofin | IrlandaThe barracks of Cromwells fort at the entrance of Inishbofin harbour | Inishbofin | IrlandaThe rocky coastline of Inishbofin at low tide | Inishbofin | IrlandaWest side of Inishbofin with beach | Inishbofin | IrlandaWalls criss-crossing through the landscape of Inishbofin | Inishbofin | IrlandaRuins of church in St. Colmán's cemetery on the eastern side of the island | Inishbofin | IrlandaSmall lake in the higher parts of the island | Inishbofin | IrlandaView of the western tip of Inishbofin | Inishbofin | IrlandaView of the landscape of central Inishbofin | Inishbofin | IrlandaHorny sheep on the grass of Inishbofin | Inishbofin | Irlanda

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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