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Foto de: 'Eua island, Tonga

Trees with wild horses in the background roaming in the rugged southeastern corner of 'Eua island | 'Eua island | TongaRocky cliffs rising above the wild sea on the southeastern corner of 'Eua | 'Eua island | TongaThe natural bridge, or Li'angahuo 'a Maui, through which the sea can be seen | 'Eua island | TongaEnormous banyan tree in the forest of 'Eua island | 'Eua island | TongaThe Smokey Cave with fine waterfall disappearing into the void | 'Eua island | TongaBlowholes causing a spray of water at the western coast of 'Eua island | 'Eua island | TongaThe big coral rocks in the rock garden on the southeastern coast of 'Eua | 'Eua island | TongaDirt track through the forest on 'Eua island | 'Eua island | TongaBattered by the wind, this tree still stands strong on the exposed southeastern coast of 'Eua | 'Eua island | TongaOne of the many caves on 'Eua island | 'Eua island | TongaReflection of the clouds on the western coast of 'Eua island | 'Eua island | TongaTrees above the steep cliffs on the eastern coast of 'Eua island | 'Eua island | TongaWhite Falateha beach on the west of 'Eua island | 'Eua island | TongaPod of whales just off the coast of 'Eua island | 'Eua island | TongaLooking east on the southeastern side of 'Eua | 'Eua island | Tonga

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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