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Picture of: Apartheid Museum, South Africa

The definition of apartheid explained at the entrance to the museum | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaBench where only Europeans could sit during the apartheid years | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaOn the ramp leading up to the roof of the Apartheid Museum, real people are depicted | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaLooking up four of the 7 pillars symbolizing the foundation of the South African Constitution | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaYour entrance ticket denotes you as white or non-white and you have to enter the museum accordingly | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaThroughout the museum, and outside, Mandela is a recurrent person | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaWall with political pamphlets in the Apartheid Museum | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaThe corridor through which you enter the museum gives you a grim idea of apartheid reality | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaPolitical pamphlets and T-shirts during the apartheid years | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaTwo of the pillars of the South African Constitution | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaSouth Africa is becoming a nation where the colour of your skin is not important anymore | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaRoom in which some of the political prisoners who were executed are remembered | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaCasspir, armoured vehicle used during the violent apartheid years, on display | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaThe new South African flag with stones depicting all those who fought for the end of apartheid | Apartheid Museum | South AfricaOne of the texts of the museum that make you think | Apartheid Museum | South Africa

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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