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Foto de: negro (1578)

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Foto de Looking down at the beach and shallow seaLac Salé - Comoras Foto de White beach seen from the slopes of the volcanic crater of Lac SaléLac Salé - Comoras Foto de Woman selling small coffee pots at the market of KassalaSudaneses - Sudán Foto de Sudanese kids in the streets of KassalaSudaneses - Sudán Foto de Face figure on display in the museumJartum - Sudán Foto de Women shopping at one of the markets of KassalaKassala - Sudán Foto de Beja men showing one of their famous swords and a dagger to the visitorKassala - Sudán Foto de Veiled woman praying at the tomb of Hassan al MirghaniKhatmiyah - Sudán Foto de Close-up of a mural inside one of the tombs of El KurruKurru - Sudán Foto de One of the royal tombs of El KurruKurru - Sudán Foto de Close-up of a mural in one of the tombs at El KurruKurru - Sudán Foto de Detail of a wall painting inside one of the royal tombs of El KurruKurru - Sudán Foto de Lion-headed god depicted in a mural inside a royal tomb at El KurruKurru - Sudán Foto de The sun sinking behind the massive columns of the temple of SolebSoleb - Sudán Foto de Close-up of a young camel drinking water at the camel marketOmdurman - Sudán Foto de Carefully discovering all that the grounds around Amara West have to offerAbri - Sudán Foto de Some of the items which have been tagged for further researchAbri - Sudán Foto de Dervish dressed in green with the musicians in the backgroundOmdurman - Sudán Foto de Hawk flying over a roofless building in SuakinSuakin - Sudán Foto de Close-up of remarkable spider in his webPhophonyane - Swazilandia Foto de These binoculars are temporarily out of serviceCataratas del Niágara congeladas - Canada Foto de Close-up of calligraphy carved out in marble found on the walls of Qila-i-Kuhna mosqueDelhi - India Foto de Detail of the richly decorated Qila-i-Kuhna mosqueDelhi - India Foto de Getting the grips on ice on the first dayTirol - Austria Foto de Walking through the snow on the way to ice-climbing in the DolomitesTirol - Austria Foto de Stairs leading into a caveAl Qosh - Iraq Foto de Detail of a figure with Aramaic writing on the wall of the monasteryAl Qosh - Iraq Foto de Lantern inside the shrine of the prophet NahumAl Qosh - Iraq Foto de Statue near the mass graves of the cemetery of HalabjaHalabja - Iraq Foto de Gruesome pictures of killed peshmerga in Amna Suraka prisonSulaymaniyah - Iraq Foto de Display of cruelties carried out on prisoners in Amna Suraka prisonSulaymaniyah - Iraq Foto de Kurdish traditionally dressed woman on display in one of the museum roomsSulaymaniyah - Iraq Foto de The Hall of Mirrors and Lights, where each lightbulb depicts one Kurdish village destroyed, each shard a victimSulaymaniyah - Iraq Foto de A cute, tiny dragonfly on a big leafMindo - Ecuador Foto de Insect on leaves in the cloud forestMindo - Ecuador Foto de Curiously shaped big leaf in the cloud forest of MindoMindo - Ecuador Foto de Tiny poisonous and endemic frog on a leaf in the cloudforest of MindoMindo - Ecuador Foto de Trees casting long shadows in the forestMindo Cloudforest - Estados Unidos Foto de Piece of a shrine in TokyoChicago - Estados Unidos Foto de And now for something completely different: a rock from AntarcticaChicago - Estados Unidos Foto de The train station of Nouadhibou in the early morningNouadhibou - Mauritania Foto de Beetle walking over a sand duneAdrar - Mauritania Foto de The small pool where you can cool off under the date palm treesTerjit - Mauritania Foto de House with man and woman painted on the wallSaint Louis - Senegal Foto de Door and window in a house typical for Saint LouisSaint Louis - Senegal Foto de Inside the House of Slaves on Ile de GoréeGorée - Senegal Foto de Section of the museum on the history of the crocodile poolIle de Gorée - Gambia Foto de Replica of a slave ship just outside the museumJufureh - Gambia Foto de Relief in the wall of the slave museum with two adult and one child slaveJufureh - Gambia Foto de Sculpture with two chained slaves outside the slave museumJufureh - Gambia Foto de Drawing of the most efficient way to transport the maximum possible number of slaves on a shipJufureh - Gambia Foto de Skull lying around at the asylumSerekunda - Gambia Foto de Tree covered by a plant growing around itSerekunda - Gambia Foto de Fishermen pulling in a boat with fresh catchVarela - Guinea-Bissáu

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