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Foto de Some of the tombstones at Lychakiv cemetery - Ucrania Foto de Cemetery on top of the hill of MayreauMayreau - San Vicente y las Granadinas Foto de Delicate snow on a small statue at the cemetery of TsumagoTsumago - Japón Foto de Mausoleo de la Luz: home for the remains of cremated personsMedellín - Colombia Foto de Clearing a platform for the next cremationKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Boys playing football on the banks of the holy Bagmati river with cremations in the backgroundKathmandú - Nepal Foto de The body has been taken out of the coffin, which will be thrown into the Bagmati riverKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Smoke starts to billow out of the pyre, the corpse has been covered by strawKathmandú - Nepal Foto de The relatives have said their last goodbyes and the body is about to be burntKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Lifting the body on a pyre on a cremation platformKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Family watching the spectacle of cremation at PashupatinathKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Overview of the south side of Pashupatinath cremation siteKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Taking care of the fire of a burning corpse at PashupatinathKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Fire burning while someone tries to revive another fireKathmandú - Nepal Foto de People assembling around corpse to be crematedKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Relatives covering the corpse with white and yellow flowersKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Corpse covered in orange cloth and flowers being lifted to the cremation platformKathmandú - Nepal Foto de People and partly uncovered corpse on ghat at PashupatinathKathmandú - Nepal Foto de Six corpses burning on six platforms at PashupatinathKathmandú - Nepal

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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