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的照片 Main street in Jacqueville - 象牙海岸 的照片 View from the southeastern corner of Qasr Ibrahim - 沙乌地阿拉伯 的照片 Wooden souvenirs at the market of Port Mathurin - 模里西斯 的照片 The interior of the museum with classic cars and the landing gear of the integrated Yak aircraft - 阿富汗 的照片 Soviet tank in the Panjshir valley - 阿富汗 的照片 Soviet tank with decorations in the Panjshir valley - 阿富汗 的照片 Row of Soviet tanks near the mausoleum of Massoud - 阿富汗 的照片 Entrance gate to Panjshir valley - 阿富汗 的照片 A Cadillac Fleetwood car outside the museum - 阿富汗 的照片 Young men in a motorized tricycle - 阿富汗 的照片 Man repairing shoes in the street - 阿富汗 的照片 Orange cab driving on the road below汉城 - 南韩 的照片 Flower pot and bench with the city of Seoul in the background汉城 - 南韩 的照片 Traffic below the former overpass-turned-walkway汉城 - 南韩 的照片 Detail of a bird on top of a blue vintage car - 古巴 的照片 Detail of a black vintage car - 古巴 的照片 Detail of rear end of purple classic car - 古巴 的照片 Row of vintage cars in Havana - 古巴 的照片 Mercury car parked in a street in Havana - 古巴 的照片 Frontal view of a purple Pontiac - 古巴 的照片 Row of parked classic cars in Havana - 古巴 的照片 Black Buick car seen from behind - 古巴 的照片 Detailed view of a vintage Chevrolet - 古巴 的照片 Yellow vintage Chevrolet parked in a street in Havana - 古巴 的照片 Detail of the logo of a vintage Chrysler car in Havana - 古巴 的照片 Looking up the read of a white Buick - 古巴 的照片 Pink vintage car with image of Che Guevara - 古巴 的照片 The 2CV car used by the Omidvar Brothers for part of their travels around the world - 伊朗 的照片 One of the tanks in the desert at Koraa, reminder of the Libyan-Chad conflict in the 1970s and 1980s - 查德 的照片 Travel through the region involves some exciting driving over a rocky and sandy surface - 查德 的照片 Land cruiser driving up a sand dune in the desert - 查德 的照片 Convoy of Landcruisers working their way through deep sand in the desert - 查德 的照片 Looking down the Golden Gate Bridge from the northern entrance金门湾桥 - 美国 的照片 Looking up cables and the northern pylon of the Golden Gate Bridge金门湾桥 - 美国 的照片 Landcruiser squeezing itself through narrowest stretch of Dugany Am - 蒙古 的照片 Handicapped man selling sheep skins at a street in Mörön - 蒙古 的照片 The Rivoli cinema in Broad Street, Monrovia - 赖比瑞亚 的照片 Men herding camels into one of the stalls at the market - 阿拉伯联合大公国 的照片 Large community house in Porakiet, the Polynesian section of Kolonia town - 的照片 House and car in Kolonia - 的照片 Japanese tank in the main street of Kolonia - 的照片 Street in Porakiet, the Polynesian part of Kolonia - 的照片 View from the Viaduto de Chá - 巴西 的照片 One of the busy streets of Bridgetown - 巴贝多 的照片 A vehicle rusting away near Wall Street Mill - 美国 的照片 The BaAka pygmies on their way to the net hunt - 中非共和国 的照片 One of the many lorries transporting logs over the dusty roads in the southeast - 喀麦隆 的照片 Truck on the main road south from Yokadouma - 喀麦隆 的照片 Mechanic under our van on one of the many mechanical stops - 喀麦隆 的照片 Pickup truck arriving at the market of Silvia - 哥伦比亚 的照片 The ferry from Entebbe just arriving at the pier on Buggala Island - 的照片 Cars driving the main street of Goma - 刚果民主共和国 的照片 The university hospital with the Sidi M'Cid bridge in the foreground - 阿尔及利亚 的照片 One of the many alleys in the old city - 索马利亚

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