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的照片 Besht for sale in Qaisariah souq - 沙乌地阿拉伯 的照片 One of the posters warning people not to pick up unknown devices - 阿富汗 的照片 Image of Massoud near his tomb - 阿富汗 的照片 Bamboo shoots for sale曼谷 - 国所 的照片 The beginning of the Fürstensteig - 列支敦斯登 的照片 Graphic comparing the global expenditure on weapons to that of development and UN funds - 美国 的照片 Looking across the narrow strait between the mainland and Omey Island with falling tide - 爱尔兰 的照片 Sign at the top of the Gold Valley slope - 南韩 的照片 Close-up of the planetarium from the outside - 荷兰 的照片 Circumcision instruments in one of the first displays of the museum - 阿拉伯联合大公国 的照片 Display with typical spices from the region used as traditional medicine - 阿拉伯联合大公国 的照片 Tomb of the unknown soldier on the searchlight platform on top of Sokehs mountain - 的照片 One of the texts of the museum that make you think - 南非 的照片 The corridor through which you enter the museum gives you a grim idea of apartheid reality - 南非 的照片 Corner of a house on the mighty long Avenida del Libertador San Martín - 阿根廷 的照片 Banners used in demonstrations in the 1960s - 美国 的照片 Sign at the foot of the volcano with some information about pre-2002 eruptions - 刚果民主共和国 的照片 With the Nyiragongo volcano looming above the city, a warning system is in place to protect its inhabitants - 刚果民主共和国 的照片 Plaque commemorating those who climbed the mountain from the UN mission in Timor-Leste - 帝汶勒斯特 的照片 Tiled sign of the limits of the Belo Monte estate - 圣多美和比邻锡培 的照片 Plaque of Mrs. Ples, on the way to the entrance to the caves - 南非 的照片 International licence plates and driftwood on display on Dunmore Street - 巴哈马群岛 的照片 The bayonets pointing to the sky - 被拉瑞斯 的照片 Warning sign for landmines on display outside the museum - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 Small exhibition of famous people who visited the museum of the Tunnel of Life - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 Explanatory board outside the museum of the Tunnel of Life - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 Pictures of the effects of the war in Sarajevo - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 Board explaining the siege of Sarajevo and the importance of the Tunnel of Life - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 Billboard for a tea shop on St Marks Place - 美国 的照片 Frozen maps of the ski areas of Mont Tremblant - 加拿大 的照片 Small shop in Varela - 几内亚比索 的照片 Coral above the entrance to a house - 马勒蒂夫 的照片 Two men sitting at the streetside in Wum - 喀麦隆 的照片 Small shelter near the summit of Mount Eloundem - 喀麦隆 的照片 Slab of stone marking the Old Indian Trail on Stone Mountain - 美国 的照片 Small sign at the entrance of the source of the Nile - 薄隆地 的照片 Pyramid with plaque erected by Dr. Burkhart, the discoverer of the source of the Nile - 薄隆地 的照片 The fence around the Genocide Memorial of Nyamata with anti-genocide slogans - 盧安达 的照片 Harrowing story told by a teenager, one of the so many stories in the memorial centre - 盧安达 的照片 Portal in the garden of the Little Lotus Villa - 中国 的照片 Union Station sign - 美国 的照片 Plaque on the memorial column erected for the US soldiers with capsule to be opened in 2043 - 基里巴斯 的照片 The Newborn sign in the city centre of Pristina all covered by graffiti - Kosovo 的照片 Near the entrance of the Mumja discotheque - 阿尔巴尼亚 的照片 One of the angles of the graffiti-covered pyramid - 阿尔巴尼亚 的照片 Close-up of a fallen stele at what probably was the gymnasium - 阿尔巴尼亚 的照片 Emblem on the wall of the museum of slavery - 安哥拉 的照片 Old street sign with bullet hole - 安哥拉 的照片 Close-up of the Rusa II stone with ancient script - 亚美尼亚 的照片 Last stretch of the road leading to the southernmost spot of Africa - 南非 的照片 Poster for the first corrida of 2012马德里 - 西班牙 的照片 Detail of the facade of the Plaza de Toros of Las Ventas马德里 - 西班牙 的照片 List of honour of toreros who exited through the Big Door马德里 - 西班牙 的照片 Tombstone for falangistas killed in the Civil War in 1936马德里 - 西班牙

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