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的照片 View of the impressive mechanism which moves the planets of the orrery - 荷兰 的照片 Painting with stars showing several constellations in the sky - 荷兰 的照片 Close-up of part of the ceiling of the orrery in the planetarium - 荷兰 的照片 Drawing depicting the room where Eisinga lived with his family, with the orrery in the ceiling - 荷兰 的照片 Close-up of the ceiling of the orrery - 荷兰 的照片 The ceiling of the orrery with some of the planets and the sun visible - 荷兰 的照片 Portable sundial on display in the museum - 荷兰 的照片 Clockwork with a calendar and the twelve zodiac signs - 荷兰 的照片 The mechanism of the orrery is driven by one pendulum clock and these weights - 荷兰 的照片 The sun and the earth hanging from the ceiling where part of the orrery can be seen - 荷兰 的照片 Several dials on one side of the ceiling tell the day of week, sun and moon rise and set, zodiac sign, and more - 荷兰 的照片 Close-up of the planetarium from the outside - 荷兰 的照片 Looking up the central part of the orrery with the earth, sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury - 荷兰 的照片 Setting out for the hike - on the easy part - 荷兰 的照片 Wooden poles can be found near the coast and were once used to demarcate land just off the coast - 荷兰 的照片 Wooden poles demarcate square areas just off the coast - 荷兰 的照片 View from the island of Ameland towards the part of the Waddenzee we just crossed - 荷兰 的照片 Islets formed by mussels offer some easier walking - 荷兰 的照片 Group of hikers crossing a stretch of water - 荷兰 的照片 Crossing one of the channels of water at low tide - 荷兰 的照片 Muddy part at the beginning of the hike - 荷兰 的照片 Guide making his way past rows of poles in the mud - 荷兰 的照片 At some parts, you can sink deep into the mud - 荷兰 的照片 One of the participants making her way through the black mud - 荷兰 的照片 Guide on the mudflat - 荷兰 的照片 Arriving at the island of Ameland means that the hike is over - 荷兰 的照片 Group of participants taking a break on their way to Ameland - 荷兰 的照片 Hikers making their way through the mudflats just off the coast of Friesland - 荷兰 的照片 Garden landscaping with flowers and water - 荷兰 的照片 Close-up of bright orange hanging flowers - 荷兰 的照片 Mix of colours with various types of tulips - 荷兰 的照片 Tiny purple flowers - 荷兰 的照片 Big orange tulips with a yellow lining opening up - 荷兰 的照片 Looking up a field of red tulips - 荷兰 的照片 Yellow-and-red tulips with purple flowers in between - 荷兰 的照片 Looking down on white tulips - 荷兰 的照片 Red-and-yellow flowering tulip - 荷兰 的照片 Tulip about to open up and show its red and yellow interior - 荷兰 的照片 Dark red and yellow tulips about to open - 荷兰 的照片 Close-up of a delicately coloured bright red tulip with yellow lining - 荷兰 的照片 Pink and white flowers - 荷兰 的照片 Field of purple bulb flowers - 荷兰 的照片 White, transparent tulips seen from below - 荷兰 的照片 Race in the Keizersgracht阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Cycling on the frozen water under a bridge阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Having a rest on the ice of the Keizersgracht阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Selling drinks and snacks on the ice: koek and zopie阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Winter scene framed by an arched bridge at the Prinsengracht阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Girl skating next to a hole in the ice under a bridge in Amsterdam阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Late afternoon winter scene with the Westertoren in the background阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Canal with houseboats and people on the ice阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Skating under a bridge with bicycles in Amstedam阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Winter scene on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Skaters near a bridge in the Prinsengracht阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰

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