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的照片 Man walking the plains of Abaike Tassili - 查德 的照片 Estonian woman in traditional clothes checking the fire in her kitchen塔林 - 爱沙尼亚 的照片 Old woman praying inside a small cavern in which a mummy is buried - 乌克兰 的照片 Wedding pictures taken with two painted tanks in front of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War - 乌克兰 的照片 Setting out for the hike - on the easy part - 荷兰 的照片 Islets formed by mussels offer some easier walking - 荷兰 的照片 Group of hikers crossing a stretch of water - 荷兰 的照片 Crossing one of the channels of water at low tide - 荷兰 的照片 Muddy part at the beginning of the hike - 荷兰 的照片 Guide making his way past rows of poles in the mud - 荷兰 的照片 At some parts, you can sink deep into the mud - 荷兰 的照片 One of the participants making her way through the black mud - 荷兰 的照片 Guide on the mudflat - 荷兰 的照片 Arriving at the island of Ameland means that the hike is over - 荷兰 的照片 Group of participants taking a break on their way to Ameland - 荷兰 的照片 Hikers making their way through the mudflats just off the coast of Friesland - 荷兰 的照片 Belarusians dressed up in medieval armoury re-enacting a battle - 被拉瑞斯 的照片 Two Belarusian women dressed up in medieval clothes during a festival in Polatsk - 被拉瑞斯 的照片 Dressed up in medieval clothes, horsemen with flags on a festival - 被拉瑞斯 的照片 Looking down Pigeon Square with its many shops - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 Building with bar and locals - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 People walking the bridge of Mostar in the late afternoon - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 Brave bridge diver halfway his jump from the bridge into the ice-cold Neretva river - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 The Old Bridge full of people waiting for a bridge diver to jump - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 People watching as the bridge diver prepares for his jump off the bridge - 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 的照片 Getting the grips on ice on the first day - 奥地利 的照片 Walking through the snow on the way to ice-climbing in the Dolomites - 奥地利 的照片 Walking through the snow on the way to a frozen waterfall - 奥地利 的照片 One of the many vertical challenges of Berdorf attacked by an able climber - 卢森堡 的照片 Rock climber working his way up on one of the cliffs - 卢森堡 的照片 Climber reaching the top of one of the many climbing routes in Berdorf - 卢森堡 的照片 The Beatles Monument on top of Kök Töbe - 哈萨克斯坦 的照片 Image of Lenin on a wall in the former military prison of Karosta - 拉脱维亚 的照片 The Spanish sisters who saved me from the scary claws of the Equatorial Guinean police - 赤道几内亚 的照片 Pictures of the disappeared in the city centre of Pristina, reminding the visitor of recent history - Kosovo 的照片 Square in the historic centre of Prizren - Kosovo 的照片 Street in the historic centre of Prizren - Kosovo 的照片 Graffiti on the walls in the historic centre of Prizren - Kosovo 的照片 People rushing off the bus-boat at Koman - 阿尔巴尼亚 的照片 Boy sitting on the slope of the pyramid - 阿尔巴尼亚 的照片 Slaves were baptized just outside the museum before their journey to South America - 安哥拉 的照片 Platforms and tracks of Milan Central Station米兰 - 意大利 的照片 People walking and skating on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam阿姆斯特丹 - 荷兰 的照片 Sculpture of French soldier on the main square of the city centre of Bratislava - 斯洛伐克 的照片 Hikers on one of the many metal ladders next to a waterfall in Slovak Paradise - 斯洛伐克 的照片 Arch giving access to the platform of Barrikadnaya subway station - 俄罗斯 的照片 Train arriving at Krasnopresnenskaya subway station - 俄罗斯 的照片 Mosaics on the walls, in lavish frames, at Kievskaya station - 俄罗斯 的照片 Komsomolskaya subway station with yellow ceilings and mosaics of war heroes - 俄罗斯 的照片 Train at Komsomolskaya subway station - 俄罗斯 的照片 Kudrinskaya apartment block with park - 俄罗斯 的照片 Russian lady adding flowers to a tomb in the wall of Novodevichy Cemetery - 俄罗斯 的照片 Jogging the running track around Margaret Island - 匈牙利 的照片 Apartment block on the main street of Tiraspol, 25 October - 摩尔达维亚

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