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的照片 Small shelter on rocky islet inside the pool in the wadi - 阿曼 的照片 Sun shining through the clouds over Omey Island - 爱尔兰 的照片 Clouds over Fahy Lake on Omey Island - 爱尔兰 的照片 One of the many stone walls dividing property on Omey Island - 爱尔兰 的照片 View from Omey Island towards the mainland - 爱尔兰 的照片 The north coast of Omey Island before sunset - 爱尔兰 的照片 Road with stone walls on Omey Island - 爱尔兰 的照片 Looking across the narrow strait between the mainland and Omey Island with falling tide - 爱尔兰 的照片 Beach on Omey Island - 爱尔兰 的照片 Looking east across Fahy Lough on Omey Island - 爱尔兰 的照片 Ruins of church in St. Colmán's cemetery on the eastern side of the island - 爱尔兰 的照片 West side of Inishbofin with beach - 爱尔兰 的照片 The barracks of Cromwells fort at the entrance of Inishbofin harbour - 爱尔兰 的照片 Cliffs of black rock rise abruptly from the Atlantic - 爱尔兰 的照片 Beach on the east side of Inishbofin with the Connemara mountains in the background - 爱尔兰 的照片 Coastline at the northeast side of Inishbofin - 爱尔兰 的照片 Trail at lower altitude on the slopes of Diamond Hill - 爱尔兰 的照片 Looking south along the Cliffs of Moher - 爱尔兰 的照片 Part of the Cliffs of Moher with rocky islet - 爱尔兰 的照片 Cliffs of Moher topped by O'Briens Tower - 爱尔兰 的照片 Wild waves crashing against the Cliffs of Moher - 爱尔兰 的照片 Looking south at the Cliffs of Moher - 爱尔兰 的照片 Panoramic view of the Cliffs of Moher - 爱尔兰 的照片 Rocky islets off the coast just west of Kilkee - 爱尔兰 的照片 Rocky islet off the tip of Loop Head peninsula receives the full force of Atlantic waves and features in several legends - 爱尔兰 的照片 Attached to the mainland by a rocky string, this islet adds to the drama of the coastline near Loop Head peninsula - 爱尔兰 的照片 Rock formations near the beach of Andavaoaka - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Pirogue with sail on the way to the open sea - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Pirogues sailing by one of the rocky islets on their way to the open sea - 马达加斯加到 的照片 The Zambezi and the spray of the falls - 辛巴威 的照片 Islet in the southern part of Khövsgöl Nuur - 蒙古 的照片 Shoreline of Khövsgöl Nuur with autumn colour trees - 蒙古 的照片 Early morning fog on Khövsgöl Nuur - 蒙古 的照片 Fanyin monastery with islands in the background - 中国 的照片 Sunset over an islet off the beach of Kaibola - 巴布亚新畿内亚 的照片 Betel nut boat on its way back to Angoram with Manam island in the background - 巴布亚新畿内亚 的照片 The active volcano of Manam island spewing smoke into the air - 巴布亚新畿内亚 的照片 Looking over the waves of the sea towards one of the many artificial islets - 的照片 View from outside Nan Douwas towards Nan Mwoluhsei, the limit of the ancient city of Nan Madol - 的照片 Canal running between Nan Douwas and Dau - 的照片 Nan Douwas seen from the canal - 的照片 View from near the top of Sokehs ridge towards the west - 的照片 View from the top of Sokehs mountain with Sokehs rock and airport in the background - 的照片 Sokehs rock rises straight up from the forest - 的照片 View towards the east with the international airport of Pohnpei in the background - 的照片 View from the top of a hill on the Tamilyog Trail - 的照片 The coastline of Ngurusar Bay near the stone money quarry - 巴劳 的照片 Local walking towards the main island at low tide with his dog - 马绍尔群岛 的照片 One of the many islets east of Eneko - 马绍尔群岛 的照片 Looking west from Eneko towards Kiddenen Island - 马绍尔群岛 的照片 Looking at Enemanot island with beach at low tide - 马绍尔群岛 的照片 Wide beach at Enemanot islet at low tide - 马绍尔群岛 的照片 View of an islet of the Majuro atoll at low tide - 马绍尔群岛 的照片 Coral heads in the transparent waters off Eneko island - 马绍尔群岛

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